Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Louisiana Bicentennial Legacy Tree Landmarked at Buckhorn Wildlife Management Area, Tensas Parish`

Location: Buckhorn Wildlife Management Area, Brushy Lake Nature Trail, Tensas Parish
GPS: N 32 02.681 W 091 21.940
Circumference: 23’5”
Estimated Age 450-500 years old
Access: By foot (Boardwalk over Brushy Lake)

Boring from tree in photo above is approximately 6.8 inches and contains approximately 87 rings. There is quite a variation in growth pattern-- some years of very rapid growth (lots of space between rings) and others of very little growth (where the safety pin points to the very closely spaced rings) Based on the 23' 5" circumference (measured above the buttress), the extropalated age of the tree is about 570 years. I would conservatively estimate the tree at 450-500 years old, taking into account the likely faster growth rate during its younger years (which is the section of the tree that is now hollow), and based on borings of similar sized cypress.

We are pleased to include this magnificant cypress among the first six Louisiana Bicentennial "founders trees"-- landmarked cypress alive during Louisiana's statehood in 1812. .

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